Dog training in Dublin

Would you like some help teaching your dog all the skills they need to be well mannered inside and outside the house?

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Harmony 4 Paws certified dog trainer can help you training your dog with reward based methods

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Individual dog training classes - Dublin

Individual dog training in Dublin

I have the solution for every dog, from puppy to adult dog, of every breed, size and personality. We will find together what motivates your dog, and use it as a reward to encourage them in the process of learning new behaviour.

What is dog training in Dublin: Individual dog training sessions can take place at home, on walks, or in the street/ park, etc.. depending on what you need to work on! We'll work on all the obedience basics your dog needs to know to be safe outside of the house (such as recall, natural following, stay, stop, leave it) and well mannered inside the house (go to your place, drop it, down, etc). More advanced tricks can also be part of the program.

We will help you determine during the first session, at your house, your objectives and priorities. Suits humans who want a one to one time, with exercises made specially for their dogs, and dogs that wouldn't be comfortable or couldn’t focus around others.

*You get a documented plan with all the exercises after every individual session, as well as one general guide about dogs at your first session.

Training will make your life easier, no matter how old your dog is and what your objectives are. My different dog training certifications, including with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers gave me the skills to help you achieving your dog training goals.


Initial training consultation


A full assessment of you and your dog's needs, to get you started on an individualized / adapted program, based on simple/ achievable objectives. 

1 hour


One hour of dog training session, at home or wherever is relevant to the objectives we will be working on.

3 hours


Three hours of dog training session, at home or wherever is relevant to the objectives we will be working on.

5 hours


Five individual dog training sessions at home or wherever is relevant to the objectives we will be working on.

General questions

It is never too late to train a dog, no matter how old they are. What matter is finding what motivates them the most and use it as a reinforcement when good behaviour happen. They are smart animals who love learning new things.

Every dog learns at a different speed. When you start a training program with me, I provide exercises adapted to your dogs, to practice on a regular basis with them in all the situations you need to. Progress then also depends on the amount of time you will spend working on it.

Individual sessions can be done anywhere. The first one though is always at your home, so I could see the dog in their environment. Then we can go anywhere that is relevant to the objectives you want to work on with your dog : places you usually walk to, the park, on the street etc…

Little training exercises can be done a few times a day, for very short sessions of only a few minutes. You don’t need to spend hours on your dog’s training to see progress. Once we have started a training program together, I also propose training walks where I would take your dog for an hour, and practice the skills we have started to work on together.

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Need some help?

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Did you just adopt a new puppy and want to start on good bases with them?

The puppy starter pack is for you!

Puppy starter pack

Four individual puppy training sessions

We'll assist you during essential daily life moments with your pup, at your home, during walks, at the park, to work on your objectives and make them the best dog they can be.

Individual dog training classes - Dublin
1 to1 dog training classes – Dublin Puppy training Dublin Harmony4paws - Individual dog training in Dublin - Harmony 4 paws

For puppies up to 6 month - €350

The puppy starter pack is 4 hours of individual training to work on all the skills your puppy needs to have for a good integration in your family, such as walking on a loose lead, recall, stay, stop, go to your place, staying on their own, etc..

Those sessions can take place at home, at the park, in the street, to teach your pup how to behave in real life situations. We will give you all the tools to understand each natural phase of your puppy's development and kindly guide them through it so they become happy, calm and confident adult dogs. You get a complete guide about puppy fundamentals, canine communication and how to address their natural behaviors : nipping, jumping, barking, toilet training.

Group dog training

Unlock your dog's true potential with our Group Dog Training program! Take the first step towards a well-behaved and happy canine companion.

Puppy socialization course

On tuesdays evening, in Ringsend / Irishtown community center at 6:30 PM 

Do you want to teach your puppy the skills they need to cohabitate in peace with you and your family?

Come join us for a fun moment where you'll learn the puppy fundamentals and your pup will be able to socialize in a supervised environment. 

4 weeks Puppy socialization course

 Starting tuesday 26 th of september   


Social walks ( reach out for schedule)

Direct booking link coming soon

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