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I am a qualified, certified and fully insured dog professional, who will make your furry ones welfare and happiness a priority.

Hi, I am Lea,

I am a certified, qualified dog behaviourist and dog trainer who will help you understanding your dogs, their needs and communication, to develop/reinforce a relationship based on harmony and peace.

Behaviour issues and lack of training are playing a huge part in dogs being abandoned, and being able to prevent that is an essential cause to me. That led me to make the decision to educate myself to be able to propose the best service I could and provide help in a compassionate towards both human and dog, fun and respectful way.

When done the right way, training your dogs and working on their behaviour issues should be something that is pleasant, and rewarding for everybody.

Whatever your needs, your dog’s age, breed or size, I will provide you with an individualized program, based on your objectives, lifestyle and dog’s specificities/personality.

One to one attention will be given to each one of you, and your dog's welfare will always be my number one priority.

I can help you with every aspect of their training, whether it is teaching them how to feel happy home alone or bettering their social interactions with other dogs. Different options are available for you, from individual sessions at your home to collective walks to work on each dog's specific training/ behaviour objectives.

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Ever since I was a kid, I have always loved being around animals and trying ( without any success) to bring home all the stray dogs I’d meet growing up. It is only later though, when I met my little dog Croquette, that a passion for dog behaviour emerged.

He has always been really nervous for a lot of different reasons, I had to learn everything I could to understand him and train him with methods that would respect his comfort zone. Working with him to improve his wellbeing really strengthened our bond, and made me want to share that with other persons and their furry friends

When I started this journey with little Croquette, I discovered that a lot of principles from human behaviour sciences that I learned while working with kids with autism also apply for our furry friends, especially behaviour modifications. More importantly, I learned that every behaviour happens for a reason, and that it is never too late to work on them no matter the dog’s age, size or breed.

To me, a dog is the human’s best friend, and it is really important for us to act like their best friends as well. Challenging behaviours are a way for the dogs to express something that they are feeling, whether it is a malaise, discomfort, fear, anxiety, pain, etc… As a dog behaviour specialist, I will help you understanding your dogs, their needs and teach you how to listen to what they are trying to tell you.

I certified with Camille Genissel, a french behaviourist/ trainer who developed the Method’EdeN, based on respecting the dog’s true nature, their needs and specificities to propose individualised solutions to every type of behavioural issues.

When I moved to Ireland, I found out that a lot of dogs were experiencing difficulties staying on their own at home, and I certified as a Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer with Julie Naismith. Her method is fear free, and has helped thousands of dogs all over the world

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My credentials

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Animal behaviour consultant certificate

Method’EDEN institute with Camille Genissel

February 2022

Husbandry training

March 2022

Behaviour modifications

May 2022

Husbandry training 2

Husbandry training for dogs 2 with Iris Castaing

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