Dog behaviour consultations

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your pet’s behaviour?
Do you feel like they are trying to tell you something, but you can’t figure out what it is?

Dog behaviour

You are not alone, and Harmony 4 Paws certified dog behaviour specialist can help you.

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Behavioural consultations

Behavioural consultations

It would be an understatement to say that dogs and humans speak different languages. We are indeed from different species, and understanding each other communication can be a real challenge.

The language we speak is totally unknown and new to them, and the one they are speaking is often really mysterious for us as well. It takes them an incredible effort to adapt to their new life, and it is our job, as dogs guardians, to help them the best we can by teaching them what is expected of them in a kind, compassionate and respectful way.

The difficulties understanding each other often result in tensions and stress in the household, and that can alter the relationship between humans and dogs.

A challenging dog behaviour is always a way for them to express a malaise or a discomfort. Let’s find the reason of your dog ‘s behaviour together.

Whether your dog is experiencing anxiety, difficulties when left alone, being fearful/aggressive around other animals or humans, destructing everything in your house, overly protecting resources, barking running away, there is a reason for it and I will will help you find it.

During a one hour and a half consultation at your home, I will conduce a deep analysis of the dog’s history, environment, relationships to help you understanding what is going on. Once the cause is found, we’ll start together a program based on achievable and realistic objectives to work on with your dogs. Every program is individual, made to respect yours and your dog’s lifestyle, needs and personality. The program I certified with is based on the will to stick as much as possible to a dog’s true nature to change their behaviour.

I will help you reading your dog's communication and understanding their needs, which will help restoring the peace and harmony in your home. It is never too late to ask for help and improve your relationship with your pets. Most issues can be corrected in 2 or 3 appointments with a little effort from both humans and pets.

General questions

To “fix” a problem behaviour, it is essential to find their cause. The solutions I provide are individual for that very reason : 2 dogs with the same behaviour could be doing it for different reasons and the solution will be different as well. Once the cause is found, I can propose adapted protocols that will help your dog feeling better.

Any good dog behaviourist will answer to that with “ it depends”. It does depend, because we are working with living beings and their emotions. Every dog is different, learns differently and reacts differently to emotions. It also depends on the daily work put on the protocol. There are no quick fixes, but one thing I can tell you is that we’ll work on addressing those behaviour in a respectful, force/fear free and understanding way.


1 hour 30 minutes initial consultation 


One hour and a half of behaviour consultation, at your home and surroundings. During this first consultation, we will define together an adapted program, specially tailored to work on your pet's challenging behaviour.

1 hours follow-ups


During this following sessions, we will use the adapted program to work on your pet's challenging behaviour.

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