Dog adoption advice

Let me help you making the best choice when choosing your new dog and start your relationship the best possible way

Dog Adoption advice

My dog adoption advice will help you adopting the right dog for you and ensure you know everything you need to help them settle with you.

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Dog Adoption advice Dublin
Advice Dog Adoption

Pre adoption consultation (Online session)

Do you have a dog adoption project ? Will a new paw friend be joining the family soon? This is a very exciting and happy moment, that can also be a little overwhelming.

Whether you are planning to buy a puppy, or an older rescue dog, it is very important to adopt a pet that’s right for you and your family. We will make sure you have all the information you need, whether it is regarding the responsibilities it involves, the costs on a long term basis, and the specifics of the breed you are considering to go for, etc…

I’ll also help preparing your new dog's arrival ,creating an environment that allows your new friend to settle at home upon their arrival : organization of their space, basic education advice, things you will need, eventual cohabitation with other pets.

It is also very important to choose a careful and responsible breeder if you are buying a puppy. If you are planning to rescue a dog, there are a few trusted organizations that will be happy to rehome a dog with you, such as DSPCA or dog trust

1 hour online


One hour of online dog adoption advice, before your new paw friend arrives or the day of their arrival.

Post adoption home alone consultation

Dogs are social animals and being on their own is the total opposite of natural for them. It can take some time before they can feel safe even when their humans are not there, and it is a skill that needs to be taught, and is as important as any other aspect of their training.

If you just adopted/rescued a puppy or a dog, I can help you creating a safe environment and progressively teaching your dog that they are safe home alone, because you always come back.

What you will learn

Handling arrival and dealing with first nights with serenity

Learning the basics of happy home alone training

Developing autonomy/independence

Prevent hyper attachment by diversifying the attachment figures

1 hour 30 minutes


One hour and a half at your home to prevent Separation Related Problems to happen when adopting a new puppy/dog.

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