Separation anxiety training

Is your dog barking, soiling the house or destroying everything when you are leaving them? Do you feel trapped in your own house because you are afraid to leave them on their own?

Certified Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer

They might be suffering from separation anxiety. The good news is that it is treatable and I can help you getting your freedom back.

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What is separation anxiety?

What is frequently labelled as Separation Anxiety is actually a wide variety of Separation Related Behaviours. Those are behaviours that happen in a greater intensity or only happen when the dog’s owners are absent. They can be described as a real phobia to be left.

There are 3 different kind of Separation Related Behaviours:

Handling arrival and dealing with first nights with serenity

Separation anxiety : the dog is panicking when their person(s) is/are leaving, and won’t settle even if left with someone else

Fear of missing out : when their human(s) is/are leaving, the dogs feels like they are missing out on something fun which generates frustration, and distress in the dog

Dogs are social animals and being separated from their group can be a scary experience. Studies have shown that about 20 % of domestic dogs worldwide struggle when left on their own.

Dogs displaying Separation Related Problems are having real panic attacks when their humans are leaving the house, and can express it in many different ways such as: vocalising , soiling the place despite being potty trained, destructing around the house, attempting to escape, salivating excessively for example. The challenging behaviours you are observing are the symptoms of a real panic state, and they can’t control themselves while facing alone time. This is why the training and support I provide support and training based on empathy, compassion and understanding towards both the dog and their humans.

Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer

Have your neighbours complained about your dog barking the whole time you are out?

Are they toileting inside when you are absent despite being potty trained the rest of the time? Are you sick to come home to ripped furniture and a very distressed dog?

Work with me on your dog’s separation related problems to teach them how to feel happy and safe home alone.

When we want to share our life with a new paw companion, we never expect to be trapped at home at all times because they can’t be left on their own. Being a parent of a dog with separation anxiety probably makes you feel stressed and frustrated, you are wondering what you did wrong, and why this is happening to you. This is totally normal feelings, it never feels good to come home to find your dog in a total panic, that has made a huge mess.

No matter how serious is your dog’s fear, there is hope for you. I work with science based methods that have proven efficient on hundreds of thousands of dogs all over the world. I will help you understanding your dog, making a few environmental arrangements, and will provide with individualized daily training plans and support to teach your pooch how to be happy home alone. We will start where your dog is and slowly teach them they are still safe when you are leaving.

The method used

Do you feel like you have tried everything to solve your dog’s anxiety but nothing worked? Separation anxiety is a very complicated condition and there are so many different and contradictory advice on the internet that it is very easy to feel overwhelmed and loose hope.

Only a trainer with up to date knowledge and positive methods will be able to help you in an efficient and ethical way. You might also have been promised a quick fix to work on getting a happy home alone dog. The truth is, there is no quick fixes when it comes to behaviour modifications. What I can offer is a careful behaviour modification training program using a technique called desensitization.

Only a trainer with up to date knowledge and positive methods will be able to help you in an efficient and ethical way. You might also have been promised a quick fix to work on getting a happy home alone dog. The truth is, there is no quick fixes when it comes to behaviour modifications. What I can offer is a careful behaviour modification training program using a technique called desensitization.

Desensitization is a way to gradually expose your dog to being alone, always staying at a level they are comfortable with to re program their brain into accepting they are safe when you are leaving without them. Following that method, they will never experience the fear of being on their own again.

I learned this method when certifying with Julie Naismith’s and becoming a Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer.

Does spontaneously going out for a movie or a drink feel like an ancient memory to you?

Would you like to be able to go to work without the fear to find your house destroyed and your dog distressed?

Would it feel good to attend a gym class in person again?

If the answer is to all of that is yes, here is what happens next.

What's next

Step 1

Give me a call

If you need more information

To talk about the different options that exist and enquire about payement plans

To plan a behavioural consultation

Step 2

During the behavioural consultation, we will

Assess your dog’s whole history and environment and discuss other potential behaviour issues

Discuss management options so your dog is never left more than they can handle and isn’t distressed

Do a practical assessment to see where your dog currently is and provide an adapted training plan

Answer all your questions/concerns/doubts

Talk about whether or not you need to go for a training package, and if so which option is best for you/your dog

Step 3

Collaborate with your vet

To make sure your dog issues to be on their own isn’t health related

To talk about options to support you and your dog.

Step 4

Start the desensitisation training plan

Training plans written daily

2 live online sessions with me

Ongoing what’sapp support


(payement plans are avaibable)
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One off consultation

2 hours 

Sometimes a consultation is enough to help your dog feeling better. Some people prefer being given the tools and work on their dog's separation issues on their own, and that is totally fine. One off consultations are designed for that. 


  • Deep analysis of your dog's behaviour
  • At your place or online 
  • Practical assessment of where they are at in terms of home alone time
  • Behaviour modification plan  to work on your objectives and what's app support when needed 

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Intensive training

4 weeks - intensive

This 4-week program is designed to get you started on your separation anxiety training journey.


  • Initial behaviour consultation + 5 personalized training plans/ week 
  • Two online video consults / week
  • Whats’App 121 support
  • Body language observation
  • Management strategies
  • Emotional support
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Intermediate support

4 weeks - intermediate

This package is for people who have already started their separation anxiety journey with me, have reached a comfortable duration and still need some guidance and support


  • 3 training plans per week
  • 1 live session per week
  • Whats’app 121 support
  • Body language observation
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It is essential for me to see the whole picture before starting a Separation anxiety training protocol. I also have to determine the origin of the problem and make sure it is the alone time causing issues for your dog, to be able to address it efficiently.

Yes, you do. The method used for Separation Anxiety protocol is based on gradual exposure, meaning always keeping the dog at a level of exposure they can handle, so they will stop seeing it as a scary event later on. If they are left more than they can handle, it will very likely ruin the progress that has been made so far. During the first consultation, management is something we will talk about and I will help you finding solutions. Some solutions won’t even cost any money exist as well.

Once again, I am going to tell you it depends on a lot of factors. The rhythm of training, other potential behaviour challenges, general health, medication, the ability to suspend absences, etc… It does take time to modify a being’s emotion towards a situation, and every dog is different.

The packages I offer are intensive training. During those I will teach you how to read your dog’s body language, and how to create/update training plans so after a few month together, you’ll be able to go on your own. I am of course always available for extra support after that.
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